"There's an app for everything." - This quote has certainly everyone heard before. Is that really so? Is there already for everything a suitable app?

I do not think so. There are always new ideas and visions and I can help you to realize them.

At the present time, apps are an integral and important part of the private and business life. A reason to choose a professional to develop your app.
I am active in the market for many years and have successfull Apps - both native as well as mobile apps - developed for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Store and Universal Windows Platform.

Take the opportunity to address your target audience directly and actively with an App. For an initial consultation please do not hesitate to get in Contact with me and we work out how we realize your idea.

Cross Plattform

The following platforms are supported:
iOS iOS 10+
Android Android 4.4+
Windows 10 Windows 10






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The way to your app

Consulting, idea, vision

Conception, planning

Design, layout, prototype

Development, testing

Publication, installation

Support, updates

Whether you opt for iOS, Android, Windows Store, a Windows Phone or a mobile app, the path to your app remains the same.

Efficient and cost-effective app development.

TEA App Framework

An app should be developed and maintained with minimum effort for different operating systems and devices. For cost reasons, it may not be the right approach, to write specific code for each platform. One solution to this problem offer native cross-platform projects based on an app frameworks.

Here developers rely on a pool of finished (native) functions and adapt them to the customers individual look and feel. This brings huge cost savings. Projects are implemented in a shorter time and in better quality because the modules have already been tested in practice.

The development and the use of such frameworks require a high technical know-how and experience. A pool of modules must be built up, so only few developers follow this approach and alternatively recommend "Web Apps" to their customers.