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With QR Notes you can scan all QR Codes around you. Including urls, text, contact data, short messages, mail addresses, events and locations. You can save scanned codes in the history or make them your favorites. Saved codes can be recreated at any time, so you can export them as images to your device storage or by mail attachment. Additionally, you can create new QR Codes from scratch.

• This app needs access to the device camera in order to scan QR Codes. To create a new contact from a scanned vCard, access to the device contacts is necessary.

• An active internet connection is only required if you want to provide feedback via mail or if you want to browse my website.
Please note that there may be additional costs when using the mobile features (internet, call, message, ...) of your device.

• Check the code content thoroughly before executing an action (open browser, add contact, ...) to avoid unpleasant surprises. The responsibility is entirely up to you. No liability is assumed for any damage caused.

Privacy Policy

Personal data is neither needed nor collected, stored, transmitted or delivered to third parties by this app. While accessing the contacts or the calendar, only new data is created. This access can be denied by the user at any time within the belonging device settings. This policy targets on QR Notes only. All linked apps and services are excluded and their policies need to be checked by the user separately. For the data added by QR Notes functionality, I will not take any responsibilities. This policy can be modified anytime.


QR Notes