Here is a selection of my previous projects in the field of web design.

Here you can read my flyer on 'Responsive Web Design'.

Companies and organizations

Today, the website of a company is usually the first contact point when seeking information. It provides a first impression. Professional appearance on the internet gives the viewer the impression that the provider is acting on a professional and customer-friendly level.

The website provides an image of a company. The individual design differentiates a provider from its competitors and causes a strong brand recognition by the viewer.

Every new website offers a world of experiences for its visitors. Positive experiences give potential customers a lasting impression which will be connected with your business or service.

The business world is cost intensive. Starting a business or the transition to self-employment can cost a huge amount of financial resources. A website can meet the above objectives and still be affordable. This opportunity offers my web design service.

Individuals and clubs

A website offers individuals the opportunity to introduce themselves and their talents to a broad public. Nowadays, quite often successful careers start in this way .
A club has a platform to showcase its benefits and services to existing and potentially new members through a website.

A website offers the opportunity to create something unique and distinctive and thereby stand out from the crowd.
A private person may publish photos, pictures, poems, diaries, songs, videos etc.
A club has the opportunity to inform aboutevents, amendments, contributions, opening- or training hours and to present the clubhouse, the sports facility or its members.

A creative presentation that is designed to help clubs to attract new members and sponsors, also offers opportunities to involve individual members more in the community life and so to strengthen their commitment to the club. Members may at any time access information about the club. This is particular important for club members who do not regularly participate in the social life because of their working hours or spatial distance.

Individuals and smaller clubs often find it difficult to bear the cost of a professional web presence. However, the whole thing does not always have to cost a fortune. The more content you can deliver, the more affordable is the realization.

Technologies and Tools



Java Script, Angular, TypeScript

jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile

Responsive Frameworks (Bootstrap, Materialize CSS)

ASP.NET (MVC, Web Forms, Core, Blazor), PWA

MS SQL Server, SQL Server Compact


Azure Cloud

Open Source